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Keep the faith - spread the word!

Exups get under your skin and don't let go. We've all been bitten by the bug - or should that be smitten? - and we'd like to welcome the similarly-afflicted into the forum. It's kind of a "Care in the Community" outreach project, with rubber and chains.

You can help us, do a bit of community service as it were, by telling your mates about us. You could put a sticker on your numberplate, visor or screen. You could even download our business cards (see right) and keep a few handy to give out at the local pub bike night or whenever you come across an Exup owner on your travels - they'll slip into that pocket in your leathers where you keep your emergency fiver for petrol.

Go on, you know you want to...

How to get your Business Cards

There are three designs to choose from. Click on the thumbnails on the right to see larger images. When you have decided which style you prefer, click on the appropriate download link and save the zipfile onto your computer. When you unpack it, you will have an A4-sized document containing 8 cards ready for you to print out. Cut the cards along the outlines using a blade and a straight-edge, or use scissors if your hand is steady, and away you go.


Download this design

Download this design

Download this design

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