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About Exup1000

In the summer of 2005 a bunch of bikers met on a web forum for FZR owners and had such good fun chatting and swapping anecdotes and tech tips that we quickly became friends. When the forum closed down, we decided to pool our resources and set up a new forum, not just for FZRs but the whole Exup family: FZRs, Thunderaces, YZFs, R1s. Exup1000.co.uk is the result.

Out of the forum has grown this website. It's where we've archived all our members' bike pics into a gallery, and stashed all the best technical articles and how-tos that have been posted so they're easier to find. It is our intention to develop this site into a useful resource that will hopefully help recruit new members to our forum and expand our Exup community on the web and into real life. Members use the site to organise runs and meets; even trackdays and trips out to the Isle of Man. What we started as a simple place to natter with old friends is fast becoming the unofficial Exup owners' club. And we kinda like that.

So don't be shy, take a look around and visit the forum here. Post a pic of your pride and joy, show off your worn-out sliders, commiserate when someone launches it at the scenery (we're bikers; it happens), sell or swap the pile of bits at the back of the garage. The natives are friendly and the bar is always open!

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