Founded Oct 2005
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Exup1000 - it's a love thing

We're a bit daft about Exups here. Not just the original R and RU models, but the whole 1000cc family: FZRs, YZFs, R1s. Whatever Designer-san chooses as the next incarnation, we'll probably be daft about that too.

You see, there's something about these bikes that gets under your skin. Something that makes otherwise sensible individuals spend inordinate amounts of time (and frequently money) on them: tinkering, fettling, upgrading, or just blatting about the highways and byways whilst we're still allowed to. We're not sure exactly what it is, but it's always there, no matter how many parts we change in our quest for our personal ultimate riding experience. You could call it soul.

Or maybe we're just nuts. Step inside and find out for yourself. We've got a lively forum, members' bikes gallery, technical references, how-to articles, brolly dolly wallpapers for you to download, and Exup1000 web stickers for your pride and joy. Oh, and we're harmless. Well, mostly harmless anyway!


Why Exup1000?

This is what it's all about, from where we take our inspiration...

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