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YZF750 R1/R6 brake caliper conversion
Original article submitted by Rf9rider. Click the thumbnails to view full-size pictures.

Someone asked me to do a write up of the YZF750 R1/R6 caliper conversion for the workshop, so here goes!

To do the conversion, you need to be aware you can use original 750 brake discs, but you have to remove part of the pad material, as it catches on the rotor bobbins.

A better way is to use Ducati style 320mm Brembo discs, these are a straight swap, with no material needing to be removed from pads. It's also advisable to use the R1/R6 master cylinder as this seems to work better than the 750 master cylinder.

I used a drill, various grinding stones, junior hacksaw and a little patience!

I removed the forks and placed them in a vice, though I suppose you could do them with them still on the bike. I fitted the calipers, then marked out the area which needs to be removed.
I then made several vertical cuts with the hacksaw, then horizontal cuts to remove as much material as possible, without going outside the shaded area.
Now i used the 45mm grinding stone in the drill, and started to slowly remove the rest of material, refitting the calipers every few minutes to make sure that I didn't remove too much. When I was happy with the fit, I used a small file to remove the rough edges, and finally sanded down with sandpaper.
Here's the final result! Click here for a close-up.


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