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How to stop a slip-on end can blowing
by Arcanum

I recently found I had quite a bit of blow back (indicated by the red arrow below) from my end-can, a new Remus I'd fitted a while back, at the point where it joins to the exhaust proper. So I decided to enlist the help of this wee tube of handy goop, Firegum. According to the tube, you simply dump this stuff on and the heat from the exhaust itself actually serves to seal the goop.

So first off, the old double socket wrench technique to remove the main bolt, separating the can from the subframe. Don't remove the bolt completely just yet as it will serve as a second pair of hands as you remove the pinch bolt. Then to the wee clamp bolt which pinches the can to the main exhaust. Now you can withdraw the first bolt you loosened and slip the end can from the exhaust.

Before going any further it's a good idea to clean off any surface rust and dust from the tip of the exhaust with a wee wire brush and then rub it down with an old rag. The cleaner the surface the better chance of a good seal.

Now, slap on the goop and be sure to apply it liberally to be assured of a full and complete seal. The tube recommends gloves, so I was sporting a very fetching pair of pink rubber dish washing gloves, tasty. Then push on the can slowly, try not to worry about the mess you're creating at this point, fasten the main bolt but not fully, and then the pinch bolt again not fully. At this point you can attend to that big splat of goop on your beautifully kept garage floor.

Clean off the spillage from around the adjoining two sections of exhaust. Tighten the main bolt, to the subframe, fully now. Tighten the pinch bolt, as you do this a thin ring of goop should emerge from the adjoining parts, it's a good idea to leave this small ring of expanded firegum for that final seal.

Bob's ya mother's brother, ya done.

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