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ISR brake and clutch levers
by Arcanum

These things are art in motion, superbly machined and beautiful to look at, as you can see from the pictures provided of the levers fitted to my 1990 EXUP.

An absolute doddle to fit and a good bit lighter than the original equipment. The only problem I came across was the small plug in cable for the cutoff switch which turns off the engine if you try to engage the clutch while the sidestand is still down. Obviously this isn't accommodated in the new clutch lever but don't worry about it, the secondary cutout will come into play when you try to select a gear while the stand is down. I simply taped the end of the cable and tucked it out of sight.

The pull on both levers is a faultless flow, no stuttering or jerking at all. They pull with a constant pressure and feel utterly second nature as you ride, you almost forget they're there, and that you're actually using them. I suffer from a little arthritis in my hands and these ISR levers have seriously reduced my discomfort while riding, a very nice bonus. Previously I had always felt a little uncomfortable and unsure using just two fingers on the brake lever... not any more, using more than two fingers now seems excessive and now that I'm a little more practiced with them I can actually commit myself to quite rapid deceleration with just my middle finger.

Costing a good chunk less than the usual Brembo or AP Racing gear you really can't lose. And all delivered direct to your door from P3 Unlimited.

The only gripe I have about these things is that they do take a little bedding in. When first fitted the bite of the clutch is literally a millimeter from the grip, causing you to stall, which I did umpteen times. But gradually, after only a few stalls the lever starts to find its place and after only a mile or two the bite was just perfect.

Out of 10? . . . Seriously, these things deserve a 10.

Want to know more? Contact P3's website or call them, they are friendly and more than willing to help and advise.

P3 Unlimited
Telephone: (01455) 251728

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