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Scottoiler FS365 Protector

by Neo

Right, I won it so I'd better give you lot a review of it.

Having owned bikes for the better side of 30 yrs, some old, some new, I found the main enemy of a motorcycle is rust,it don't matter that your bike is garaged or covered, sooner or later, nuts, bolts and subframes start to show their age. Alloy parts start to oxidize and discolour, leaving your pride and joy looking a mess.

Most of it is caused by winter usage and road salt and the fact that when you get home after a hard day or night, the last thing on your mind is washing your bike down, you're going to use it the next day anyway, right!

Besides all this, even if you don't use your bike in the winter and store it in the garage, the change of temperature at night causes condensation, which sticks to your bike and starts working on it, and before you know it, it looks a mess.

Well, that's where FS 365 Protector spray comes in.

After a few weeks usage, I must say, I'm really impressed with this stuff. The only way I can explain it is, it seems to be the same stuff that manufacturers use to coat metal components for shipment and storage so as to prevent corrosion and keep everything looking new. I've bought bearings and drive shafts and many items, even spanners, that seem to be protected in this way.

You simply spray it on your bike, best places are on your subframe, under the seat aroung the battery box area and even on your rear shocker. I sprayed some on my relay arm and over the bush areas and left it to dry. When the stuff evaporates, it leaves a film of what I can only describe as Waxoil, the stuff they use on cars to protect them from rot, only it's a very light film, nothing drastic at all.

Result is, no more rotting, or discolouring of engine parts, no more screw oxidisation and looking manky. And no more rust.
eI do belive that the stuff will wash off when need be as it probabaly will attract road dust but that has to be done anyway, but after that simply re-apply for protection again.

So, my view is, if you own a bike, you need this stuff. I for one won't be without it anymore, it's part of my toolkit now. In fact I've sprayed it all over my second bike and it's protecting it a treat.

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