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Carrera Leathers
by Morepower

I have had a set of Carrera leathers for a year now and they are the best leathers I have ever had ever. I went to the factory shop in Nottingham and saw a set of CR1 "Stealth"... although if you saw them stealth is the last thing you would think of - bright red (my wife calls them orange). Anyway they were an off the shelf set which did not fit too well but Martin, the owner of Carrera, said they could mod them to fit! And they did exactly that. OK Martin missed one thing out but they sorted the length of the arms and legs, put badges on and a logo for my business. They need a good amount of bedding in but as soon as they are the fit feels stunning and the armour in the leathers is comfortable. They make you feel that if you did fall off they could take as much abuse as you could throw at them. The leather feels strong and the seams look like they will never split unless you wear through the leather.

I have had custom made leathers before made by one of the larger leathers manufacturers and compared to off the shelf leathers they are very different. The ones you buy are OK but not as good to the ones racers wear by a long way. The Carreras are every bit as good as the custom made leathers that Dainese supply racers. The price is the difficult part though. Retail price is £1300.00 but I don't know anyone who has actually paid that! The factory shop has them at between £300 and £600, and if you go to the NEC show you might find a size that fits you for about £200. I would look out and see if you can pick up a really cheap set because the best thing is that if you damage any part they can replace any leather panel and make them almost like new again for a lot less than a replacement set of leathers!! I changed my boots to ones with an inner boot so the leathers stopped the boots from closing correctly. Carrera just measured the difference and shortened the legs again and that cost me about £20.00.

The service is stunning although some of the leathers can be down to personal taste. I had the simple stealth version and if you want anything adding they can make them into almost any design you want. I saw a set of Rossi replica leathers being made from an off the shelf set!!

So at full price they are expensive but still worth the money. BUT if you find a set at the show or make a trip to the factory shop you can pick up a set of the best made leathers for silly money.

Build quality is 10/10.
Service is also 10/10.

Martin is really helpful but can make a mistake once in a while, whilst the girls who make the leathers are spot on. If you need any mods go to the factory and they will make them fit perfectly. Overall they are the best made leathers I have ever had the pleasure to wear.

Carrera Leathers
Unit 2, The Powerhouse, Lumen Rd, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 7AG
Tel: 01763 247365

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