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How the stickers look in action as it were - click on either pic for a larger image.

Website stickers

Shiny chrome-effect stickers to show your allegiance! Easy to apply to your bike, screen, car, visor or anywhere else that takes your fancy. You can even cut 'em up into individual letters to fit a curve, if you're obsessive enough (mentioning no names, eh Stig?).

Just fill in the form below and click "Gimme some!" - Stig a.k.a. the StickerMeister will do the rest. If you choose to pay by cheque, he will e-mail you with details of where to send your payment. If paying by PayPal, you will receive a Money Request from him. All money raised through the sale of stickers and other merchandise goes to fund the hosting of the site.

Order Form
Number of stickers required :  £1.50 per sticker inc postage within the UK
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Address :
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